Welcome Division 12

Each week our learning will be based on a new theme. Follow the six sections below and you will discover a fun way to learn in Mme Koughan's class! 


Our Last Week Together

June 22-25

Image by David Lezcano
Image by Green Chameleon
Image by Chris Liverani

 French reading



Piles of Books
Athletic Shoes
Minecraft Blocks




Bored and want more?


Keep in touch

Dear Class,

At the end of each week, send me an email with a picture, a video, or a PDF of 1 or 2 of your favourite learning activities that you did this week. If you want to send more you can. I know that learning will look different for everyone. Do what you can. I know you will try hard and do your best.

Thinking of you all. I miss you terribly,

Mme. Koughan


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